Healing Arts in the Heart of Monteverde
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Cultivating a Healer’s Touch

costa rica reiki training and certification

  Hello, healer! You probably know this as well as I: all humans are born with the capacity to heal with our hands. We use our hands to create healing foods, healing music, and healing spaces, and we also use our hands to provide healing touch to each other. The healing power of nurturing touch… Read More

Daily Reiki: Gassho Meditation

reiki gassho meditation

New Reiki students are often taught they should cultivate a daily self-practice in order to keep the Reiki "flowing." However  . . . Remember, we are immersed in Universal Life Force energy -  if you want to get technical about it, we ARE Universal Life Force Energy. Therefore, Reiki is not something you can lose… Read More

The Call of the Nest

Retreat Monteverde, Costa Rica

I confess. I’m one of THOSE people – the kind who, when moving into a new space, won’t feel settled until my things are fully unpacked. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m far from a neatnik (my fam will gladly attest); however, I've always been drawn to create simple personal habitats which elicit the… Read More

Monteverde : Mountain Magic

Visiting Monteverde Costa Rica

Perched upon the continental divide of Central America, Monteverde is a jewel nestled amid tens of thousands of acres of protected tropical forest, one of the most biologically diverse areas in Costa Rica and the world. We are literally pulsing with life on this mountaintop – here, the forest is vibrantly alive and so are… Read More

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